Muslim's in Phoenix have surprising reaction to Fort Hood shooting

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PHOENIX - Following the Fort Hood attack blogs and talk radio filled with Muslim bashing.

A Fox News anchor raised this issue:

"Do you think it's time for the military to have special debriefings for any Muslims who are enlisted?"

The response to that suggestion from Valley Muslim leaders was not what you might think.

"I don’t take offense- it's a challenge and I need to fix this problem,"
Jasser said.

Some would call special screenings for Muslims in the military discrimination, but local leaders are tired of the political correctness.

Members of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy said they'd be ok with more extensive background checks for Muslims.

The Fort Hood attack seems to have hit Muslims especially hard, not because they've become targets, but because, they say, it's become evident their faith has been hijacked by fanatics.

He points to a string of other incidents this year involving Muslim extremists in Arkansas, New Jersey, and Michigan.

The Muslim leaders 3TV talked to say they're not looking to play the victim card, they haven't felt like targets since the Fort Hood attack. 

Right now they only thing they say they feel is determination to prevent the tiny radical sect from spreading.