More information on the Wildcat paper theft

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We're getting new information on the 10,000 plus Daily Wildcat newspapers stolen from the U of A campus earlier this month. That's according to the Daily Wildcat staff.

The controversy focused around the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity after some believe they stole the newspapers because of an unflattering article in the issue. 

When the papers were discovered, home work of two students connected to the frat were found along with it.  They have denied any involvement but Wednesday's Daily Wildcat said new emails shed light on how the fraternity allegedly did it. 

Despite the information, university police have closed the investigation which didn't make the editor in chief of the paper very happy.

The UA PD told us they had nothing more to add to the investigation.

We approached the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity who would not give a statement. 

There is a Greek standards board meeting Thursday night where the Daily Wildcat will try to prove the frat did in fact steal the papers.  A verdict should be made Friday.