New high-tech surveillance system offers another pair of eyes

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SCOTTSDALE -- Security systems these days seem to be more high tech than ever.

Just when you think a product can't get any better, someone, somewhere finds a way to make improvements.

With that in mind, 3 On Your Side has discovered that home security is apparently becoming pretty advanced and consumers like it.

With three kids, Deanna Jordon is a busy mom.

"I am a mom of 13-year-old triplet boys," Jordon said. "We have a very busy house. There's never a dull moment."

Now that they're getting older, it means more freedom for her children.

"I can leave them for a couple of hours and let them be on their own, which has been a new experience for Mom," she said.

And a new challenge because Jordon admits loosening up the reins makes her worry.

"You never know when they're going to invite someone over that I don't want to be here or don't know are going to be here," she said.

To ease her mind, Jordon likes the idea of home security to help protect her kids. But these days, she says it's just not enough.

"It'd be nice to have eyes in the back of my head sometimes," she said.

One company claims to have developed a product to give folks like Jordon those so-called extra eyes.

"With a simple surveillance system, you don't know what's happening, you're blind to what is happening and this gives you the ability to actually see," Debbie Shuey said.

Shuey is with a company called Archerfish and she's talking about their new video monitoring system. To see how it works, the company agreed to show why Jordon and her Scottsdale home are the perfect candidates so they installed the system.

"You hook up those cameras to our smart box and then you plug it into your Internet connection," Shuey said.

Once the cameras are installed and connected online, Jordon can monitor her home from anywhere as long as she has a computer. Even with no computer, she can still watch her home and her kids just as long as she brings her cell phone.

"She can look at that proactively through the Web site, she can get it sent through her phone, she will even have the ability to look at it live through your phone," Shuey said.

"To be able to actually log on somewhere and see that someone has actually come to your house that was unexpected, I think that would be really neat," Jordon said.

For example, if someone approaches Jordon's front door, a text message will alert her that someone is there. All she has to do is look at her cell phone to see who's there and to see what they're doing.

"Our system uses an advanced homeland security technology, which actually analyzes the video, it's looking for the behaviors we have identified are a person or vehicle," Shuey said.

Jordon says home security these days sure has come a long way and knowing her cell phone will give her the extra eyes she needs certainly gives her the security she wants. But the high-tech gadget does come with a high price tag and for some it might be a little too high.

"It's definitely something I would look into, but it also has to be in my budget," Jordon said.

The system costs around $1,700 to install and then you have to pay a $25 a month subscription fee. Now, keep in mind 3 On Your Side is certainly not endorsing this product, but it certainly gives you an idea how far home security has come and where it's going.