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Dr. Alison Arnold, Life Coach - The Complicated Dynamics of the Cougar & the Sugar Daddy
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Vital Solutions MD
Vital Solutions MD is designed to empower its clients to make positive changes through analysis, knowledge & results. People need a comprehensive program that covers physical, emotional, chemical & behavioral aspects of changes instead of just a piece or two to be successful over the long term. For Your Life A to Z  viewers who mention the show , the promotion is $100 off AND a Mitochondrial Renewal Kit when they enroll in the Elite 12 week HCG program.
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Guest:  Rachel Harris, Beauty & Life on a Budget - Healthy Foods you can Use, Inside & Out
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Chef Travis Watson, Executive Chef of Avalon Restaurant - Where’s the Beef & What Do I Do Once I Find It?       
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Theresa Ramsey, N.M.D., The Center for Natural Healing - Being Flu Savvy
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To Fix It - Update Your Space - Paint Your Home with  Peak Painting
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Flowers provided by: AVANT- GARDE William and Company Floral Design Studio located at 803 North 7th St. in Phoenix.
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