Couple wait 4 months for sunscreens

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PHOENIX -- A Valley couple say they paid a couple hundred dollars for sunscreens but never received them. So, they contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

They paid for the sunscreens around four months ago, but to this day the sunscreens have not been delivered. As it turns out, the guy they ordered the sunscreens from has been profiled before on 3 On Your Side.

Newlyweds Erica Calderon and her husband are busy with home improvements and on the top of their list was trying to keep their bedroom cool from the grueling Arizona sun.

"Because our house is an east/west-facing house, we get the afternoon sun and it beats on this wall and it makes our bedroom significantly warmer," Calderon said.

The couple thought the perfect solution would be to install sunscreens so they hired a company called AAA Screens and Window Cleaning run by a guy by the name of Joe McKinnon.

To get the job started, Calderon says McKinnon wanted nearly $260 and he wanted it upfront.

"The sunscreens were going to be $258 with tax, so we wrote him a check and paid him," she said.

That was back in July, but four months later Calderon says she still has nothing and every time she calls McKinnon she says he comes up with excuses.

"I'm a teacher, I don't make a lot of money," Calderon said. "I can't afford to give someone $250 for nothing, so I'm furious."

As it turns out, this isn't the first time 3 On Your Side has received complaints about McKinnon. In fact, he was actually profiled twice back in 2007 when consumers say they paid McKinnon for sunscreens and he never came through.

At the time, McKinnon told us his house was burglarized and his orders were stolen -- something customers had a hard time believing.

As a result of 3 On Your Side getting involved, McKinnon returned the money, something these viewers say wouldn't have happened without 3 On Your Side's involvement.

So, we went looking for McKinnon once again. We just wanted to find out what had happened to Calderon's order and if she would ever get those sunscreens.

So we went to his Chandler home recently but were told he had moved out. 

McKinnon did eventually call 3 On Your Side and this time he blamed the sunscreen manufacturer for delaying Calderon's order. But he did promise he would pay her back and guess what? He did by sending her a money order.
In the future, try to put very little or no money down when ordering something. At the very least, try putting a small deposit down on your credit card. That way you have some protection if something goes wrong.