Pet of the Day - BB

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9 week old, Kitten, Female
Bea Bumble(BB) had a rough beginning.  When she was brought to the shelter she was extremely emaciated, had several bee stings, and had been shot in the foot with a BB gun.  She was clearly a victim of cruelty because she also had wounds on her face.  She was seen by our vet and placed into foster care while she healed.  The vet wasn’t sure if she would be able to keep her paw due to her extensive injuries.

After several weeks of foster care, BB showed great progress and was able to keep her paw.  She has grown into a sweet, beautiful cat but is still healing from all her injuries.  Although a little timid of people because of her past, BB will make a wonderful pet once she learns to fully trust again.  She loves to get pets but does not like to be picked up.  She gets along with other cats but may be a little weary of children.