Initial list of schools getting H1N1 vaccine

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PHOENIX -- Starting Monday, some 20,000 vaccination doses for the H1N1 virus, also known as the "swine flu," will be distributed to elementary schools throughout the Valley.

The plan going forward is to double that number every week.

To pre-register your student for an H1N1 vaccine, visit

To find out which insurance plans are accepted for the vaccines, click here. Most plans do cover the shot. For those without insurance, the cost is $15, but students will not be turned away if their parents cannot pay.

School information from Mollen Immunization Clinics


# School Date
Chandler 1 Jacobson Elementary 2-Nov
Littleton 2 Littleton Elementary 2-Nov
Paradise Valley 3 Desert Springs Elementary 2-Nov
Paradise Valley 4 Sonoran Sky Elementary 2-Nov
Queen Creek 5 Queen Creek Elementary 2-Nov
Chandler 6 Ryan Elementary 3-Nov
Littleton 7 Tres Rios 3-Nov
Paradise Valley 8 Copper Canyon Elementary 3-Nov
Paradise Valley 9 Pinnacle Peak Elementary 3-Nov
Queen Creek 10 Francis Brandon Pickett Elementary 3-Nov
Tolleson 11 Arizona Desert Elementary 3-Nov
Avondale 12 Lattie Coor Elementary 4-Nov
Buckeye 13 Sundance Elementary 4-Nov
Cave Creek 14 Black Mountain Elementary 4-Nov
Chandler 15 CTA Goodman 4-Nov
Creighton 16 Loma Linda Elementary 4-Nov
Littleton 17 Country Place 4-Nov
Osborn 18 Clarendon Elementary 4-Nov
Osborn 19 Osborn Middle School 4-Nov
Osborn 20 Solano Elementary 4-Nov
Paradise Valley 21 Mercury Mine Elementary 4-Nov
Phoenix 22 Lowell Elementary 4-Nov
Queen Creek 23 Desert Mountain 4-Nov
Saddle Mountain 24 Tartess 4-Nov
Tolleson 25 Desert Oasis Elementary 4-Nov
Avondale 26 Desert Star Elementary 5-Nov
Buckeye 27 Buckeye Elementary 5-Nov
Cave Creek 28 Lone Mountain Elementary 5-Nov
Chandler 29 Galveston 5-Nov
Creighton 30 Excelencia School 5-Nov
Osborn 31 Encanto Elementary 5-Nov
Osborn 32 Longview Elementary 5-Nov
Osborn 33 Montecito Elementary 5-Nov
Paradise Valley 34 Boulder Creek Elementary 5-Nov
Pendergast 35 Amberila Elementary 5-Nov
Phoenix 36 Heard Elementary 5-Nov
Queen Creek 37 Jack Barnes Elementary 5-Nov
Saddle Mountain 38 Winters 5-Nov
Tolleson 39 P.H. Gonzales Elementary 5-Nov
Avondale 40 Copper Trails Elementary 6-Nov
Buckeye 41 Bales Elementary 6-Nov
Cave Creek 42 Desert Sun Elementary 6-Nov
Creighton 43 Larry C . Kennedy 6-Nov
Deer Valley 44 Constitution 6-Nov
Deer Valley 45 Desert Winds 6-Nov
Deer Valley 46 Sunrise School 6-Nov
Deer Valley 47 Village Meadows 6-Nov
Paloma 48 Paloma Elementary 6-Nov
Paradise Valley 49 North Ranch Elementary 6-Nov
Paradise Valley 50 Sandpiper Elementary 6-Nov
Pendergast 51 Desert Mirage  Elementary 6-Nov
Pendergast 52 Rio Vista Elementary 6-Nov
Phoenix 53 Garfield 6-Nov
Queen Creek 54 Queen Creek Middle School 6-Nov
Saddle Mountain 55 Ruth Fisher 6-Nov
Tolleson 56 Sheely Farms Elemetnary 6-Nov
Avondale 57 Centerra Mirage Elementary 9-Nov
Cave Creek 58 Horse Shoe Trail Elementary 9-Nov