Pork Chops and Butternut Squash

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8 oz. bone in pork chop
4 oz. roasted butternut squash
1 oz. hazelnuts
1 oz. mosto
Sea salt to taste
Cinnamon to taste
½  cup extra virgin olive oil 
Fleur de sel to taste

Split in half a butternut squash, season with sea salt and evo
Roast flesh down in the oven at 375 until soft, let cool off and then scoop out the flash and save in a bowl.
Roast hazelnut at 350 until golden brown, let cool off and cut in half
Season pork with salt and sear it, creating a nice caramelization, back in the oven until reach a medium temperature, should still be pink in the middle.Heat up the butternut puree, incorporate the hazelnut, cinnamon and evo
Plate the butternut at 12 O'clock, place the pork chop at 6 O'clock, resting the bone on the puree spoon the mosto in front and garnish with Fleur the sel.