Woman cancels order, but company still cashes check

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SCOTTSDALE -- A Scottsdale woman claims she ordered and then canceled a water filtration system, but the company still cashed her check.

The water filtration system cost right around $900 and Julie Shannon thought it would be money well spent. But she later changed her mind and canceled the order. Now she claims the company is rather slow in returning her money.

Shannon is a single mom who claims she and her little girl use a lot of water.

"Well, I do use it for her juice, formula, I use it to make cereal, I cook my food with it and sometimes she eats my food," Shannon said.

So, when a water salesman from a company called High Quality Water of Arizona came to Shannon's house one day and tested her water, she was told it contained a lot of chemicals.

As a result, Shannon bought an $895 water filtration system, which was supposed be installed at a later date.

Now, Shannon's contract says she could cancel everything if she called the company within three days and she did after realizing she really couldn't afford that $895 after all.

"And I was just like, 'I want to make sure things are taken care of, ripped up, the whole deal done,'" Shannon said. "He's like, 'OK, that won't be a problem.'"

Thinking her check had been ripped up, Shannon says she was surprised to find out a week later that High Quality Water of Arizona had actually cashed her check.

"So, I'm assuming, OK, they're going to rip the check up and it will be OK, done, no problem and I was checking my bank account and I was like, wow, that was an unexpected charge and I just hit the fan," she said.

Shannon says she called High Quality Water of Arizona and they said to process her refund they needed a copy of the check she gave them.

"I have to give them a copy of the check and I have to wait seven to 10 business days for their end to do whatever it is they do and refund my money," she said.

According to the Better Business Bureau, High Quality Water of Arizona is an accredited business and maintains an "A" rating, one of the best you can get.

The company tells 3 On Your Side they always intended on returning Shannon's money and were in the process of getting her a check well before 3 On Your Side got involved.

As for Shannon, she's happy to finally be getting her money and says she's learned a lesson when it comes to any salesman.

"Definitely don't get persuaded by salesmen," Shannon said. "Take your time. Don't let them pressure you."

By the way, High Quality Water of Arizona says it's standard business practice to immediately deposit a customer's check.

It's also standard to ask for a copy of the customer's check to make sure it cleared before they mail out a refund check.