Queen of Clean Linda Cobb answers your questions (Oct. 28, 2009)

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Good Morning...the Queen of Clean Linda Cobb will be joining us in a few minute to answer your questions...so ask away.

[Question From VJVJ: ]
What is the best way to clean the racks from the oven? Wednesday October 28, 2009 8:22 VJ

A: Wrap the racks in paper towels and put in a garbage bag. Sprinkle or spray with ammonia and fold the bag over. Sit outside overnight. Open with care in the morning and wipe with the saturated paper towels, rinse well and put back in the oven.

[Question From LoriLori: ]
Hi Queen, how can you get rust stains out of stainless steal? My kitchen sink starts to get brown and soap just isn't cutting it.

A: Lemon juice is a great and natural rust remover. For added power make a paste of Cream of Tartar (spice section at the store) and lemon juice and apply to the sink. Let sit about 30 minutes and then rub gently with 0000 steel wool. Using Clean and Shield to clean the sink will protect it. Buy it at Albertsons.

[Question From Dee DeeDee Dee: ]
I use a body wash while showering and my washcloths are all stained in the middle, what can I do??

A: Zout Laundry Stain Remover will work well for you. Spray the stained area and let sit a few minutes and then launder as usual. For heavier stains use Fels Naptha Bar Soap (laundry section at grocery store).

[Question From AlanaAlana: ]
My new dog chewed up a tube of Vitamin A&D ointment on my berber carpet. On advice from a carpet cleaning carpet I used near boiling water and regular carpet cleaning detergent. It came out but returns when a dusty dog lays on the area.

A: Buy some Carpet CPR at Bed Bath and Beyond. Spray on the stained area and then use an carpet extraction machine to extract the area. You may need repeated applications.

[Question From juliusjulius: ]
I have these antique dining room chairs that are stained dirty over years of being in storage how do I clean the satin like seat covers?

A: After years of storage they may not clean up well and the fabric may also be weakened. You can attempt to steam clean the seats, however I would try a test area first. Worst case, you can reupholster the seats yourself using new fabric and a heavy duty stapler. The seats should unscrew from the chair at the bottom.

[Question From jonijoni: ]
i have red koolaid in the carpet i would like to now how to get it out all i did was dabit and also we have 2 puppys how can i get pee smell and stain out of the carpet

A: You can try Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover - but it at A.J.'s Fine Foods. Also, Carbona Stain Devils makes a red stain remover. Find that at the grocery store in the spotter section. When a spill like that happens, pour club soda on immediately and blot blot blot.

[Question From GuestGuest: ]
I know you've been over this before but I can't find my notes. How can you get fingernail polish off of furniture? My granddaughter accidentally spilled some purple polish on my light green velvet chair. Thanks!

A: It is probably best to have a professional come out and remove the polish. Velvet can easily be ruined by improper cleaning. Try calling Tolivers Carpet One Carpet Cleaning. Remember, with nailpolish it is naked and in the backyard!!

[Question From LezlieLezlie: ]
Hi Queen!! Pleeeeeeze help me!! My shower has that sort of dimpled floor...How the HECK do I keep it clean?? I hate it!!

A: Spray the shower floor with heated white vinegar and then sprinkle with Twenty Mule Team Borax. Use a piece of FINE drywall sandpaper and rub over the area. DO NOT use this on any other surface or it will scratch badly. Start using the Clean and Shield and it will put a protective barrier on the shower so that it will be easy to clean. Buy Clean and Shield at Albertsons - get the one in the green bottle for bathrooms.

[Question From CristinaCristina: ]
How can I remove candle wax stains from my bathroom vanity?

A: Put ice in a bag and lay it on the wax. Wait about 10 minutes and then use a dull straight edge (like a plastic puty knife or credit card) to scrap the wax off. Weimans Wax Away will remove any residue and not harm the surface. Buy Weimans at hardware stores, home centers and grocery stores in the cleaning supplies.

[Question From HarrietteHarriette: ]
We have a black residue on all our white doors where the hinges attach to the doors. I've tried water to clean it off and 409. Both just rub the black into the door. What might remove this?

A: Buy a Soot and Dirt Removal Sponge at a hardware store or home center. Use it dry to "erase" the stains away. Do not wet the area or it will set the stains in and they will not come off. You can also try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

[Question From Gary ElliottGary Elliott: ]
I have a few baseball hats and I am not sure how to clean them

A: Top rack of the dishwasher is the best place to wash them. Fill the detergent cup with Twenty Mule Team Borax and run through the cycle, but do not dry. Remove the hats and sit on a jar to air dry. Try Hat Saver to keep them clean. Go to www.hatsaver.com for information and ordering.

[Question From ShawnaShawna: ]
My washing machine smells like mildew. How can I make it smell fresh?

A: Mildew smells in front loader washers is very common. Go to www.smellywasher.com and order Smelly Washer. One bottle will last a year when you use it monthly. If your towels have the same odor you can use it on them too. I use it once a month in my washer.

[Question From LindaLinda: ]
What is the best way to clean a Micro-Suede Couch? Wednesday October 28, 2009 8:44 Linda

A: You can easily steam clean and it will turn out beautifully. Treat any stains with Carpet CPR (Bed Bath and Beyond) and then steam clean. To spot the sofa between cleanings, use a damp microfiber cloth. Go to www.queenofclean.com to read about the Act Natural Micro Fiber cloths.

[Question From MichaelMichael: ]
Question re: bathroom tile grout mold gunk... How to get rid of and prevent future growth?

A: Make a paste of baking soda and chlorine bleach. Apply to the moldy areas and let sit 30 minutes. Then scrub with a brush and rinse well. Be sure to use good ventilation when you use the bleach and wear old clothes. Use Clean and Shield to clean the shower and all bathroom area to keep it clean and keep a mold-resistant barrier on the surfaces. Buy Clean and Shield at Albertsons - get the one in the green bottle.

[Question From Pam HeathmanPam Heathman: ]
I have stains on my cloth seats in my car. I believe they are a combination of dirt and liquids. What is the best way to clean the seats? Thanks.

A: Rent, borrow or buy a steam cleaner and steam clean the dirt away. I spray my seats with Carpet CPR first, wait 5 minutes and then steam clean. Leave windows down to allow the seats to dry well.

[Question From MariaMaria: ]
How can I keep the cats out of my backyard and garden. They use it as a potty box . Wednesday October 28, 2009 8:49 Maria

A: Treat the areas where they are going potty with OdorZout. It will remove the odor so that they don't smell themselves and don't go back to the area. Buy OdorZout at ACE and Whole Foods. To deter them, sprinkle the area with cloves to deter them.

[Question From JohnJohn: ]
how can you clean the matting around pictures if they get smudges on them?

A: Use an Art Gum eraser. Buy it at craft stores and gently erase the marks away. Don't use any other kind of eraser or it will leave a mark on the matting.

[Question From EddieEddie: ]
I got red paint on tan carpet. I got most of it up but I still have a pink spot on the carpet. How can i get that out?

A: Try using OOPS. You can buy it at home centers and hardware stores. Also you can try a mixture of 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide with 1 teaspoon of ammonia to bleach away the stain.

[Question From Al ChandlerAl Chandler: ]
Good Morning Queen, I have beige carpet and my wife spilled dark masscara on it. What is the best cleaner ?

A: Make up remover will take it right out. Use that first and then flush with club soda and blot well.

[Question From GuestGuest: ]
I just had surgery on my leg and need to wear a walking boot. I able to remove the boot and cleanse my leg but I wondered what can be used to keep the odor down from from wearing the boot constantly?

A: Use OdorZout. It is 100% safe and natural. I used it when my arm was in a brace after surgery. Buy it at Whole Foods or ACE.

[Question From tonyatonya: ]
how do I properly clean a micro-suede sofa? I can not get it wet so the process seams impossible

A: Not sure why you can't get it wet. Usually micro fiber is extremely easy to clean with a steam cleaner. I would check with the place I bought it to be sure of the cleaning method. If you can't use water on it, you will need to have a professional clean it with dry cleaning products. Always be sure to check the care label on furniture you are buying. Dry Cleaning upholstery is expensive and not as effective as steam cleaning.

[Question From JohnJohn: ]
How can you clean the matting around a framed picture if it has smudges on it? Thanks

A: Answered your question a few minutes ago. Check above.

[Question From elizabethelizabeth: ]
hi my mom owns a condo and she has some tile in the kitchen that has a foot print on the tile floor that looks like glue can you tell me how we can remove it thank you.

A: Without knowing what it is for sure it is hard to help. Get some Carbona Stain Devils to remove glue. Hopefully that will work.

Thanks for chatting with me. We will do this every Wednesday from now on! Have a great week and keep it clean!