Prop. 200 preview

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November 3rd is a big election for Tucson's city leaders. Three City Council races are contested this year.  With the candidates who win election giving the task of dealing with another huge budget deficit. I sat down with each of the candidates to give you a preview of each race, as well as Proposition 200.

If Proposition 200 passes, the Tucson city charter will change to require 2.4 police officers for every 1000 residents.

And within four years, fire fighters and ambulances must respond to a call within 4 minutes 50% of the time.

Supporters say those are nationally recognized rates that the City Council itself has talked about aiming for.

Opponents warn voters other services will have to be cut, or taxes raised to pay for Prop. 200 if it passes.

They also point to the city's crime numbers, claiming they show the proposition isn't needed.

Supporters claim those numbers are misleading and the city no longer correctly reports crime. They say voters should look at their priorities.