Carefree residents want to recall mayor

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CAREFREE, Ariz. -- Residents of the Phoenix suburb of Carefree are choosing sides in a debate over the recall of Mayor David Schwan, who was elected by the Carefree town council in June of this year. 

Rod De Szendeffe, who helped found the town in 1984, has organized a committee of Carefree residents who want Schwan out of the mayor's seat.  The group has collected over 400 signatures from registered voters who support their cause. 

Residents who support Schwan have formed their own campaign in an effort to stop the recall.  Those who opposed the recall have collected over 700 signatures; however, their support is largely symbolic.  By law, once 203 signatures on the recall petition are verified, the mayor must either resign or submit a rebuttal and face a run-off election.  Mayor Schwan says he won't resign.