Elderly woman receives $600 gas bill

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PHOENIX -- Winter is almost here and for many people that means their gas bill will be going up.

But when your bill comes, you probably wouldn't expect it to hit $600!

That's what happened to one Valley woman and she reached out to 3 On Your Side for some answers.

Charlotte Lewis, 85, says her Southwest Gas bills are usually pretty affordable.

"Now, in the wintertime I pay something like $90, sometimes $95, never go over," she said.

But recently, Lewis says her Southwest Gas bill blew her mind.

"Shoot, I said, 'Six hundred dollars, ooh my goodness Lord!'"

Lewis, as you can imagine, couldn't believe it.

"Ain't no way in the world I could use that kinda gas because I'm here by myself most of the time," she said.

Thinking it was a mistake, Lewis called Southwest Gas.

"I called them, I said what was this for? They told me a security deposit. I said for what? I deposited once I got the gas turned on," Lewis said.

She's right. Lewis did put down a deposit once. Why would she need to do it again, especially since she's on a fixed income?

"That's a bunch of bull," Lewis said. "Ain't no such thing as a second deposit."

Southwest Gas tells 3 On Your Side they need that second deposit because apparently Lewis has paid her bill late a few times and they're allowed to tack on that second deposit.

However, considering the circumstances, Southwest Gas says they will continue to work with Lewis to make sure her bill is affordable and will immediately remove the second deposit, bringing her gas bill back down to around $90.

Lewis is happy, saying her budget is tight enough.