AHS to celebrate Nation Pit Bull Awareness Day Saturday

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PHOENIX -- They’re wiggly, smiley and fun-loving pooches, but thanks to dogfighting rings and irresponsible owners, pit bull terriers have a bad rap in today’s society. In honor of National Pit Bull Terrier Awareness Day on Saturday, October 24, the Arizona Humane Society wants to change public perception of these very loyal and loving animals and help elevate their status in society, as well as focus on devoted, responsible owners.

Throughout the day, all Arizona Humane Society adoption locations will provide information about pit bull terriers and help people find more accurate information on this breed. Pit bull terriers available for adoption in the shelters will sport special bandanas to attract attention and fun facts will be posted to their kennels. Adoption counselors and volunteers will also be available to answer questions about the breed and offer insight. And for those who adopt a pit bull or pit bull mix that day will receive a free microchip for their new four-legged friend.

“Contrary to many of the myths out there, pit bull terriers make great pets and this event is designed to help dispel some of the myths and shine light on their fun-loving spirit,” said Bob Citrullo, director of support services for the Arizona Humane Society. “Many times we see individuals come to our adoption centers looking for loyal, loving family pets. These are exactly the qualities you’ll find in the pit bull terrier breed.”

The public is invited to visit the Arizona Humane Society’s two shelter locations on Saturday to learn what is fact and what is fiction about this wonderful dog breed and possibly adopt one.

“The pit bulls at our shelters have all been behavior evaluated and are ambassadors of their breed. Unfortunately because of all the myths and misinformation surrounding their nature, many of them stay at our shelters longer than other breeds. We hope this day will be step forward in helping pit bull terriers and mixes find homes sooner,” said Citrullo.