HOTLINE: Thursday, Oct. 22

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Howard Kennedy, Pilot -- Arizona Modeler Aviators
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Copperstate Fly-In
The event is being held through Sunday, Oct. 24. For additional information, log onto

Sara Curtis, Ty Losey & Jason Peters, Arizona Arsenal -- National Skydiving Championships
For more information on the 2009 U.S. Parachute Association National Skydiving Championships, log onto

Dave Owens, The Garden Guy
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Chris Rock
Chris Rock's "Good Hair" opens in theaters this Friday.

Chef Douglas Rodriguez, Crave Arizona Food & Wine Event
Crave Arizona will be held throughout the weekend (Oct. 22-24) in downtown Scottsdale on the Waterfront Bridge (just south of Camelback Road and east of Scottsdale Road). For more information, log onto

Halloween Safety Tips
Costumes should be light and bright.
Consider adding reflective tape to costumes or bags.
Carry a flashlight.
Costumes should fit well - not too long.
Sneakers are best - no high heels, girls!
Be sure mask doesn't restrict breathing or sight.
Swords, knives etc. should be soft and flexible.
Costumes and wigs should be flame retardant.
Walk, don't rollerblade or skateboard to homes.