Halloween Game: You've Been Boo'd

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BOO!  You’ve Been Boo’d!

Here’s all the information you need to start a great neighborhood tradition this year in your neighborhood!
Halloween treats, two “We’ve Been Boo-ed” signs, two Boo poems, at least one very fast kid!

Here’s how to play the Halloween game:
Take Halloween treats, one poem, one “We’ve Been Boo-ed” sign and select a house.  Don’t add your name – keep it a mystery.
Make sure the house you choose doesn’t already have a sign in its window.  Sneak up to the door, leave the treats and signs, ring the doorbell and RUN!  Remember Ding, Dong Ditch.

Run and repeat at another house!!!!

Here’s where to get the Halloween game supplies:
I bought the prepared kit (sans the goodies of course) at my local Hallmark store for $5.  If you want it easy and have the five bucks to spare – this is an easy way.  Add treats and go!

Or, go to
www.organizedchristmas.com and you’ll find the signs I printed out on their site – easy to print in full color and they’re cute too!

Or, do your own like I did. Here’s a take on the sample poem from Hallmark!

You’ve Been Boo’d
This sweet surprise is called a “boo”!
You’ll never know exactly who
Brought treats and then ran off unseen
To brighten up your Halloween!

It’s twice the good luck if you go
And “boo” two other folks you know!
Pack up a ghost sign, treats and gifts,
And add a poem just like this.

Pick a house and sneak on up.
Make sure it doesn’t already have a ghost.

Ring the bell – then run
Make sure you’ve not been seen!  It’s fun!

Keep it Simple

Remember this isn’t about fancy – it’s all about simple and fun!


Live and Learn