Companies step in to repair Mesa woman's unfinished remodeling job

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MESA -- A Mesa woman says her house was left in shambles following a remodeling job gone bad.

We first told you about Christine Sellers about a month ago. Sellers is recovering from a horrible car accident that almost killed her.

As a result, she wanted to remodel her house and make it handicap accessible.

But, she says the contractor she paid $34,000 to remodel did a horrible job.

That was then, this is now.

"I just cried, no other reaction," she said.

Sellers today cries tears of joy -- a complete turnaround from when she was first profiled on 3 On Your Side.

"I feel, I don't know how to describe how horrible it feels to have somebody do that to you when you have no way of fixing it afterward," Sellers said.

Sellers was devastated after spending more than $34,000 to have her home remodeled and added on to by a Valley contractor.

After shelling out all that cash, Sellers says much of the work was started but never completed.

"They left me with a tub in my garage, unsealed grout in my shower," she said. "I have electric that doesn't work."

And that's not all. The new addition that was built was left with dry wall that was never painted. Electrical wiring was still exposed. There were no light fixtures installed and her backyard was left looking like a dump because the contractor never cleaned up after himself. The list goes on.

The contractor told 3 On Your Side at that time that he did everything he was paid to do. Still, the company went under.

"I gave them over $35,000 and they left me with a huge mess," Sellers said.

After that 3 On Your Side report, things are a lot brighter for Sellers.

"I never, ever imagined that sitting down with you three weeks ago would result in this," she said.

Floored by our report, Steve Kerin went to his boss at Double AA Builders.

"I went in and said, 'I found this project and I'm going to run with it,' and told them what it was and the principles pulled out their Home Depot card and said, 'Do what you need to do to make it right,'” Kerin said.

And, man, did they. Within nine days of airing Sellers' story, Double AA Builders along with the help of numerous subcontractors, volunteers and even the Boy Scouts, Sellers' house was converted into her dream home.

"We were able to go room by room and just clean it up, fix it up, paint it up," Kerin said.

Double AA Builders re-did Sellers' addition room top to bottom with new flooring. They painted, installed a brand-new bathtub and even installed a brand-new air conditioner.

They cleaned up Sellers backyard, drained and re-finished her swimming pool, landscaped her backyard, and even added handicap-accessible ramps. The list goes on and on, an estimated $40,000 in labor and material, all donated as a result of 3 On Your Side's report.

"They made my dream come true, this vision come true for me and I'm just floating," she said. "How do you tell them thank you? There’s just no the words in the world."

The compassion and generosity shown by Double AA Builders and all the contractors and volunteers who contributed by turning Sellers' nightmare into a dream has restored her faith in people.

"The only words that come to mind were 'For God so loved the world, He gave me you!' That's the only thing I could think of to tell them," Sellers said.

More than a dozen contractors donated labor and equipment for this project.


A big thank you to these companies/groups for helping out:

Double AA Builders, Ltd.
Morataya's Landscape
JFK Electrical
L & H Mechanical
Metal Source
Lucero Fire Protection
Boy Scout Troop #379
Select Demolition
Gilbert Pediatrics
DLP Landscape
ATEK Development
Sigler Carrier
Custom Graphics
Wilco Tile
DPT Pools
Arroyo Vista Pools
Superior Blinds
Peacock Painting
Mr. & Mrs. Perry Morgan
Walmart Marketplace
Active Plumbing
Sunstate Equipment
Littleton Roofing