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Mr. Modem By Catherine Holland Mr. Modem By Catherine Holland

Q. You mentioned in previous columns different types of file extensions like .DOC, JPG, .TXT, etc., but when I look at filenames on my computer, I never see any file extensions, so how can I tell what types of files I may be dealing with?

A. By default, some versions of Windows do not show file extensions. This vulnerability is exploited by some virus writers who intentionally create infected files with names such as PICTURE.JPG.EXE. If your system doesn’t display file extensions, all you would see is PICTURE.JPG, so you might think it’s a safe file to open. That would be a big mistake. As soon as you double-clicked it, you would launch the .EXE (executable) file and presto, infecto!

To display entire filenames, open My Computer (or Computer in Vista) then click Tools > Folder Options > View. Remove the check mark beside "Hide extensions for known file types," followed by Apply > OK.

Q. How can I change the spacing in a Word document? It’s all single-spaced and I’d like it to be double-spaced. I love your weekly newsletter and hope you never stop publishing it.

A. Thank you. I’m in my tenth year of publishing to subscribers now in 38 countries. I have no plans to stop any time in the foreseeable future.

To change spacing in a Word document from single to double, select (highlight) the text you want to change, then press CTRL + 1 (press the Control key and the number “1”) for single spacing or CTRL + 2 for double spacing.

Q. I heard that when Windows 7 comes out, Windows XP is going to stop working. Is there any truth to this rumor?

A. Absolutely not. While official Microsoft Support for Windows XP ended in January of this year, that has nothing to do with the functionality of the operating system. Windows XP will continue to operate for many years to come, as will Windows Vista. Windows 7 makes its debut on October 22nd, and is simply the next in a succession of operating systems. I reviewed a pre-release version of Windows 7, which you can read at http://tinyurl.com/kt2kf9. I’m impressed with Windows 7 thus far and describe it as “Vista, with some new features and most of the annoyances removed.” I recently added a new section to my weekly computer-help newsletter (www.MrModem.com) devoted exclusively to Windows 7, and I’ll be personally helping subscribers make the transition to Windows 7 by answering their questions via email, as well as responding to questions about all previous versions of Windows.

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