Arpaio conducts sweep despite loss of federal certification

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SURPRISE, ARIZONA -- Sheriff Joe Arpaio was back on the streets for another crime sweep Friday evening. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) officially lost their federal immigration certification today, but that has not stopped the arrests.

So far this evening, 19 people have been arrested, 6 face no charges but are suspected of being here illegally and ICE has already come for them.  Two others are suspected illegal immigrants arrested for not having proper identification.  Arpaio says this is proof that he can still enforce immigration laws. “We don't need 287 (g) we don't have to be controlled by Washington.” said Arpaio during his 12th crime suppression sweep.

That's despite the federal government's move to deny over 100 deputies their ability to act as federal immigration agents.  Arpaio’s response:  “I don’t need the federal law.”