Ray follower discusses sweat lodge ceremony

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SEDONA -- Sedona resident Shawna Bowen, who was at the sweat lodge ceremony last week, discusses the event with 3TV's Jared Dillingham.  Until now we haven't had a first-hand account of what happened at the sweat lodge tragedy and what role James Arthur Ray may have played when participants began passing out. 

Bowen is a fan of Ray who was scheduled to help with the ceremony last week, but she arrived late, after people were already sick.  She immediately began helping the sick.  "They tried to hose some of the people down to cool them off" said Bowen.  "One of the women i was tending to was asking for James Ray and calling for him" she said. 

But Bowen says retreat leader and self-help expert James Arthur Ray was simply standing off to the side.  "I got the impression he was shell-shocked by what the results of the sweat lodge were" said Bowen. 

Bowen and the survivors were gathered in a room to be interviewed by investigators, but she says they never saw James Ray.

The video above contains Jared Dillingham's full interview with Shawna Bowen.  The raw, uncut interview is also available in the related links above.