Easy Halloween Cookies

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I always admire those of you who bake everything from scratch.  I’ve always said that baking is chemistry and I’m afraid I don’t have enough patience or talent to do it really well.  But, I do really enjoy creating cute cookies that basically entail no homemade magic.  In other words, I like to fake it!

And, just in time for Halloween I found a couple of new ideas on the cover of Woman’s Day magazine.  I wanted to interpret them in a simple way and I found a couple of products that make it easier.

Autumn Leaf Cookies

Obviously I just rolled out some refrigerator sugar cookie dough and using a leaf shaped cookie cutter cut out my cookies.  Remember you can use any sugar cookie recipe if you want – I’m just lazy!

Then either mix up a cookie icing – one that dries hard – and divide it into 3 bowls.  You’ll need yellow and red GEL food coloring.  Don’t use liquid food color – it’ll thin the icing too much.  Mix up three colors, red, yellow and a mix of the two colors to create orange.  If the icing is too thick you can use drops of water or milk to thin it out slightly – use drops though – it thins quickly.

Now put down a base color on the entire leaf cookie then put some dabs of the other two colors on the face of the leaf.  Then using a toothpick gently swirl the colors to create a windswept look to the leaf – these look really gourmet in a snap.

Wanna be like me and really cheat!  Try Betty Crocker’s Cookie Icing tubes.  It’s a perfect hardening cookie icing in a snap – love it!

Spider Web Cookies

These of course can be a topping on any round sweet.  I used Cookie Icing in a plastic bag instead of using the tube applicator – found it much, much easier to control.  Plus, I mixed up the treats – try Ding Dongs, Oreos, Chocolate Wafer Cookies, Reese’s Cups, anything deep chocolate colored and round.  Fun!
Orange Layered Punch

This is as easy as can be; just pick up some grenadine in the liquor department of your grocery.  It’s non-alcoholic and has a great red color.  Plus, it’s a syrup so it’s heavier than most liquids so it’ll sink to the bottom of your pitcher or glass.

You’ll also need something with an orange color like orange punch or soda.  Then in your glass or pitcher pour the orange punch in first and top it with your desired amount of grenadine last.  It’ll magically sink to the bottom to create a layered effect.

More Halloween to come next week – I just can’t help myself!

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