Dog dilemma nearly gets Phoenix woman evicted

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Erin Adams says she has proof that her dogs are not guilty.

“Too big, I'm thinking lab, pit bull,” she explained, standing in front of her fridge.

The so-called evidence has been in her freezer since September 29th, when she received a violation notice from her apartment complex.

The fine: $50. The crime: Not picking up after her two Pomeranians.

That's when Adams says her animal instincts kicked in.

“I picked it up, put it in a zip lock clear bag, and it's been sitting in my freezer until right now when I pulled it out,” she recalled.

Adams insists there's not a chance her dogs, Moose and Toby, did their business on apartment grounds.

She says her dogs go in the bark park, and she always uses baggies on her leashes to clean up their mess, and she was willing to dig deep into her pockets to prove it.

“I would've taken it as far as having it DNA tested because to me my dogs are perfect, they're my children,” she said.

Furious about being accused of something she says she didn't do, Adams confronted her renters, demanding the violation be scrapped.

“They told me that if I don't pay the $50 in fines in November’s rent and when they don't accept your rent, then after ten days you get evicted,” she recalled.

That's when Adams e-mailed 3 On Your Side for help.

“My doggies did not make the mess, they don't dook and dash, that's not our style,” she said.

After 3 On Your Side got involved, the apartment complex agreed to drop the fine, saying it couldn't confirm Adams' dogs were to blame for leaving their the mess behind.

Relieved she didn't have to move out, Adams says more people should stand up for themselves when they feel they're being wrongly accused.

She also has a message for fellow pet owners who don't pick up after their dogs.

“But you just constantly need to pick up your poop,” Adams continued, “It's respectful, it's just something that you need to do.”

Towne Square Apartments says it has never evicted anyone for this reason.

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