Tucson Council member Rodney Glassman announces Senate Exploratory Committee

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For the past two years, Democrat Rodney Glassman has served on the Tucson City Council, representing ward two on the city's east side.

Now, he'd like to go from the east side to the east coast.

“Over the past few months, friends, colleagues from throughout the state of Arizona, have contacted me about the need for Arizona to have a new voice,” Glassman said.

Specifically, a new voice in the United States Senate.

This week, Glassman formed a U.S. Senate Exploratory Committee "testing the waters" for a 2010 senate race.

But the number one thing we're looking for is a clear, decisive decision by Arizonans that they feel we could be doing better, that we could have a stronger advocate, a fresher advocate, a newer advocate,” Glassman said.

FOX 11 spoke to several Tucsonans Wednesday afternoon who say they’ve never heard of the 31-year-old Glassman.

Yet, former Democratic State Senate Minority Leader Peter Goudinoff says that shouldn't be a problem.

“If you have money, you can advertise enough to become visible to the public,” Goudinoff said. “I mean, that's really what political campaigns are all about.”

Glassman is asking for $20 donations, but the fact that he's from Tucson could ultimately be an issue.

Former U.S.Senator Dennis DeConcini is the last Tucsonan to successfully run for the U.S.Senate in 1976. Political experts say there was fighting at the time amongst the republicans.

“Conceivably you could see that happen this year if there's a strong enough anti McCain sentiment among the republicans

Goudinoff believes that's the only way Glassman would have a chance against Senator McCain.

Glassman, however, says his credentials should serve him well.

Meanwhile, a poll of Arizona voters released last month by “Public Policy Polling” showed Senator McCain would defeat Glassman by a margin of 55 to 25%.