Recession adjustments

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Tucson golfers... Prepare to pay more to play....

The city council tomorrow will host a hearing on a proposed hike to greens fees, also cart and golf ball rentals. Tucson city golf currently is running a half-million dollars in debt, and it can't tap into the city's general fund to cover maintenance costs. The increases should run about $5.  

Domestic partner benefits for state employees will remain in effect for the next 12 months, even though the benefits were dropped from the legislature's last budget. The benefits were supposed to be cut when the state's insurance plan started a couple of weeks ago, but according to the Department of Administration doing so could've put Arizona in violation of contract laws. The benefits will now be available until October 2010.

In an effort to lower costs, Bashas' has cut benefits for thousands of employees. The Phoenix-based supermarket chain has raised the minimum number of hours for benefit eligibility-- leaving many part time workers without coverage. On top of that, vision and dental benefits have been cancelled for all employees. Bashas' filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in July.