Woman wants money from a local museum that shut down

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PHOENIX -- A Valley woman says a museum owes her money, but the museum is now closed.
Joyce White says she loves making jewelry and she's so good at it a local museum started selling some of her work.

But after they sold a piece, they never paid her.

"This started about 15 years ago from me being a florist," White said.

White's passion of creating jewelry comes from deep inside.

"I am a survivor of abuse, domestic violence," she said. "This has been therapy for me."

And she's turned that therapy into a career.

"Someone told me that they thought my jewelry would sell well at the West Valley Museum, so I took it out there, about 12 pieces, and they took some of it," White said.

Not only did the West Valley Art Museum take some of White's pieces, they actually sold a piece.

After the sale, White says the museum never paid her.

"They owe me $75," she said. "It's a small amount, but it's the principle."

White says she's been waiting for her check for months now. When she drove to West Valley Art Museum to inquire, she discovered that it was closed down but says she did manage to speak to someone.

"She says, 'Well, I can't give you a check, I can't write a check,' and I say, 'If you can't write me a check, somebody needs to write me a check. Who do I contact?'" White said.

She contacted 3 On Your Side, seeing the museum was in fact closed down. We managed to get a hold of museum officials who told us the sagging economy forced them to close their doors, but they did promise to look into White's issue.

"To an artist, that means a lot," White said. "That's money that I could take to buy supplies to do the things I need to do."

After we got involved, White says she finally got her money from the museum -- money she says some may consider a small amount but money she certainly needs.

White says she is now looking for another place to sell her jewelry, but she's certainly glad we were able to get her money.