Newlyweds want wedding video, not excuses

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PHOENIX -- A Valley couple say they're having difficulty getting their wedding video even though they paid for it.

The couple say they paid more than $1,200 for a videographer to record their wedding, but after paying all that money they received nothing.

So, 3 On Your Side went looking for the guy who took the money.

His name is Milo Moreland and he wasn't exactly happy when 3 On Your Side showed up at his Gilbert home recently.

The reason 3 On Your Side was there was because of Billie Jo Richey, who was married recently.

To capture that memorable day back in April, Richey says she and her husband hired a company called Reel Films Wedding Videography owned by Moreland.

"He seemed like a good guy," Richey said. "He seemed like he knew what he was doing. He seemed excited to do it."

Richey says she and her husband paid Moreland $1,200 to record their wedding and even tipped him an extra hundred bucks when he showed up.

But six months after her wedding, Richey says Moreland still hasn't turned over any video and claims he keeps giving her excuses.

"I had everything that I wanted and more except for my video," she said.

3 On Your Side went to Moreland's home only after trying to reach him on the telephone several times.

Moreland told 3 On Your Side a death and other personal issues have prevented him from finishing Richey's wedding video, but he did assure 3 On Your Side that he would deliver the video the next day and 3 On Your Side was there when he showed up.

Moreland said he only had the unedited version and would bring her the edited DVD later that evening.

"We had a hold-up, a couple problems, and it was totally my fault and I apologize," Moreland told Richey.

And with that, Moreland left. Richey says getting her wedding video is a huge relief and couldn't wait to watch it.

"It's cool because I don't remember any of it," she said.

Richey says she's been trying for months to get her wedding video and says she's glad we were on her side.

And the news gets better because the edited version was given to Richey like she was promised. So, she and her husband now have everything they paid for and they are happy.