Driver takes fight against photo radar to court

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TEMPE -- A driver took his fight against photo radar to court.

Lance Brace, 21, said he shouldn't have to pay the ticket he received in June, but a judge ruled against him Tuesday morning.

Brace claimed the equipment was not working properly. He believes the speed cameras had been neglected and possibly tampered with.

Brace also argued that Redflex, which operates the cameras, operates as a private investigator since it collects evidence for civil trials. He did his research and found out that is a violation of state law because the company isn't licensed as a private investigator.

The judge said he had never heard of that argument before and even complimented Brace on his efforts and on his research, but he said he believed there was enough evidence to prove that Brace was driving 47 mph in a 35 mph zone and the ticket stands.

Brace has to pay a $171 fine but said he plans to appeal.