Police investigate after cats mutilated in Tempe

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TEMPE -- Police in Tempe are on the lookout for who or what has been mutilating cats.

Police don't know if it was a person or an animal, but a veterinarian believes it was a person.

It's happened at least six times all over Tempe. The worst one happened at an apartment complex near Priest Drive and Loop 101.

Charlie was an outdoor cat until two weeks ago.

Cindy Welty, who has taken care of Charlie ever since he came to her doorstep five years ago, says something or someone sliced the cat right down the center of his back.

"The muscle was cut, all his organs were exposed and it didn't look something that would occur outdoors," Welty said.

Charlie's vet agreed and called police, who noticed a significant similarity in all the cases. Police describe the cuts as injuries of precision, saying they are long slices or lacerations to various areas.

Anyone who believes this has happened to their cat should contact police.