Census workers wanted as part of new program for job-seekers

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

MESA - Some of you fed up with looking for a job using the internet might want to try a new program in Mesa.

For the past few weeks people have been coming to Central Christian Church to find a job. They also get help with their resumé and then actually hand it, not email it, to someone who is hiring.

Those were words that kept sounding better and better in a roomful of people needing a job. Ethan Halliday, one job-seeker, says, "There's fewer and fewer jobs for people like me who work in the service industry."

Halliday used to work full time for a non-profit until they ran out of money so for the past year Halliday has been doing everything he can so he too will not run out of money. He says, "I've got four or five different part time jobs."

But he was at Central Christian Church looking for something more stable. "What I hear in these meeting rooms all the time is that people are just getting tired and fatigued with the black hole of the internet, where they go online, send out resumé and resumé and resumé and they're not hearing anything back."

A program called Job Seekers was created. Instead of searching for a job this new program brings the jobs to you. On Monday night, the company is Vangent.

Mike Pelto is the hiring manager. He tells 3TV," We're going to start soon, we have six weeks to get the 3,000 people hired and it's a good paying job."
It pays $15 to $20 dollars an hour and you will be recording all the Census data people fill out and mail in.

Pelto says, ":We have highly-skilled jobs operating high-speed optical scanners, we have jobs, you know, just sitting at a table opening envelopes so, a wide range of positions available."

The job will only last for about six months but it is steady pay and could be what Halliday is looking for. He says, "In this economy, every little bit helps."

If you want to find out more about these jobs go to www.vangent.com.