Couple get refund after wedding cake nightmare

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We have a follow-up to a Valley couple's wedding cake nightmare.

The nightmare has to do with a wedding cake that never arrived.

3 On Your Side told you about the problem a couple of weeks ago when Danielle and Jason Ogle paid for a wedding cake to be made and delivered, but the cake and the baker never showed up.

"We put in $200 and we got nothing," Danielle said.

When 3 On Your Side first told you about the couple's dilemma, they had just gotten married. But on their wedding day, there was one important thing missing and that's the problem.

"About midway through the ceremony we realized that our cake didn't show up," Jason said.

So, they were forced to buy a sheet cake from Costco.

Although the last-minute cake fed their guests, Danielle and Jason say they still wanted their $200 back and an explanation as to why their cake never arrived.

"We want answers and we want our refund," Jason said.

The company that was paid $200 to make the cake is called Outrageous Cakes.

After finding out the business address is simply a mail drop at a UPS store, we went to the owner's home. At the time, Vicki James said she had suffered some health problems that kept her from making Danielle and Jason's wedding cake.

Regardless, she promised 3 On Your Side a full refund.

And although James failed to deliver the wedding cake, she did manage to come through with that $200 refund, a refund Danielle and Jason say they never would have received on their own.

James tells 3 On Your Side she had to cancel other wedding cake orders but promises refunds to everyone that's due.