Credit Card Debt Help with Debt Settlement

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In today's tough economy more and more of us are finding it hard to pay the bills. Whether you've lost your job, had your hours lowered, are recently divorced, on a one household income or have just had your credit card balance lowered you could be a good candidate for  debt settlement.

Piling up credit card debt can be stressful and just like there are services to help you buy and sell your home there are services to help you consolidate your debt and help with financial stresses. Nationwide Debt Settlement is one of those companies that are here to help. By hiring a service like Nationwide you're hiring trained professionals that know the laws and how to stay compliant. You're hiring a company that knows the shortcuts and tricks and tips to getting your credit card debt problems solved efficiently and ethically.

About Nationwide Debt Settlement
The mission of Nationwide Debt Settlement is to provide tools, resources and an education to consumers to assist them in preparing for a healthy financial future. To establish a debt settlement/negotiating business driven by the core principal of do onto others as you would want them to do unto you. This is done by incorporating trust, integrity and ethics into their daily routine. Trust is key and the success of the business depends on it.

The Nationwide Debt Settlement team is lead by Sarah Leinke President and COO and Julie Leinke CEO and Vice President.

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