Tucson dragged dog ready for adoption

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TUCSON -- A Tucson dog that was badly injured when it was dragged by the neck behind a truck driving at full speed down the  highway has recovered and is ready for a new home.

Bingo was nearly skinned alive.

He was in the back of the truck and fell out and was dragged for about half a mile.

Amazingly, the 1-year-old pooch did not break any bones.

Bingo's owners brought him in to the HUmane Society, claiming to have found him on the side of the road. They then offered to adopt the dog after he healed, thereby avoiding expensive vet bills.

The owners are now facing fraud charges for lying and interfering with the investigation. They are not being charged with animal cruelty.

Investigators have renamed the dog Champ.

Now, three months later and several skin grafts later, Champ has recovered from his ordeal and is ready to go home with a new family.