Illegal immigrants could be moved from jails to hotels

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PHOENX -- The feds are considering changes to how they deal with illegal immigration.

Those changes could include moving suspected illegals from jails to hotels.   

The Department of Homeland Security wants to house non-violent detainees, including women and children, in converted houses, nursing homes and old hotels.

They would have to wear ankle monitoring bracelets.

The idea is to cut costs and alleviate jail overcrowding.

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano says this does not mean it's going soft on illegal immigration.

"Our immigration enforcement efforts continue unabated, if anything even more so than in the past, to make sure that our immigration laws are followed and that means you have to have a large capacity in your detention system," Napolitano said.

The feds spent nearly $2 billion last year on jailing illegal immigrants during the deportation process.