Health officials think swine flu led to illness at Huachuca City school

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HUACHUCA CITY, Ariz. -- Illness has brought school to a halt
in Huachuca City.

For the next four days Huachuca City Elementary will be closed
and crews will be disinfecting everything that children put their
hands on.

On Monday, 36 percent of the student body at the southern
Arizona school was absent.

Cochise County Health Director Vaira Harik said the vast
majority of flu circulating in the Sierra Vista area is the H1N1
virus known as swine flu.

School officials said 171 students of the 475 who attend stayed
home Monday as well as ten staffers.

Superintendent Karl Uterhardt says there were 140 absences

Huachuca City Elementary will remain closed today through

After that, fall break kicks in. So, while students are away,
the entire school will be disinfected including door knobs, desks,
restrooms, and the cafeteria.

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