Famous D.C. lawyer hired to investigate Don Stapley

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX - Joseph DiGenova is a big time Washington, D.C. lawyer who has just been hired by the Maricopa County Attorney's Office to investigate allegations of fraud and theft by County Supervisor Don Stapley.

In his career DiGenova has prosecuted a would-be presidential assassin, presided over the congressional investigation into a teamsters union boss and has been counsel during some of the Clinton white house scandals. His work does not come cheap. Try nearly $300 an hour before trial and $150 per hour in "travel time." So why does the county needs a famous, D.C. lawyer to prosecute the case and who will pick up the tab?

The sheriff's office is investigating Stapley for allegedly moving money between campaign funds and personal accounts but the case is causing some controversy because of the person who has been chosen to prosecute it.

DiGenova is a well-known legal analyst and attorney who has handled some of the biggest cases in the country and now he will be handling that of Supervisor Don Stapley.

The County Attorney’s office says taxpayers will not be footing the bill. DiGenova's fees will come from funds confiscated from criminals.

3TV is told the funds they are using to pay the special prosecutor are used to pay for things in the general criminal justice system, such as buying equipment for police officers and prosecuting other criminals. 

To read Joseph DiGenova's biography, go to www.digenovatoensing.