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Q. To save paper, I’d like to print multiple pages of my Word documents on one sheet. Is that possible? If so, how do I do that?

A.  Using Word’s Zoom feature, you can print as many as 16 pages on a single sheet of paper. You won’t be able to read the tiny print on the tiny pages, so I’d suggest printing four pages on one sheet if your objective is legible printing.

To do this, with your Word document displayed on screen, click File > Print. In the Zoom section, Select “4 Pages” from the Pages Per Sheet drop-down menu. Make any other print-option selections you wish, then click OK. Zoom will automatically reduce the scale to fit four pages on each sheet.

Even if you don’t use Word, most current printers have the ability to print multiple pages on one sheet. The specific steps vary, but try clicking File > Print > Properties > Finishing tab, if you have it, or look for some advanced settings within your Print Properties screen.

Q.  I thought I was pretty good about keeping my computer clean, but the first time I ran Spyware Doctor, it found 46 spyware programs.  Can you explain how spyware could get on my computer?

A. Spyware, which primarily tracks your online meanderings, can arrive with downloaded programs, from file-sharing music sites, or even games. It can also slither onto your system when you visit certain Web sites or innocently click links created to deliver malware to you.

Many downloaded programs present a User Agreement that must be agreed to before the program can be accessed. Nobody actually reads these agreements, of course, but many such agreements place the user on notice that by agreeing, they are granting permission for what can be considered spyware, adware and related items to be placed on their system.

A three-month audit of more than a million computers, conducted by Earthlink and Webroot Software (makers of SpySweeper), found more than 29.5 million spyware programs or nearly 28 per computer. Eek!

Anyone using the Internet today should use one or more anti-spyware programs. Anti-spyware protection is as important today as anti-virus software. I use Spyware Doctor ( and MalwareBytes (, but SpySweeper (, AdAware (, and Spybot Search & Destroy ( are also excellent.

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