Family reeling after pet dog was accidentally euthanized

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CHANDLER -- It's a bizarre case of mistaken identity and it cost a Chandler dog his life.

The Downing family said their dogs, Spaz and Chloe, got loose recently and were picked up by Maricopa County Animal Care & Control officers.

Samantha and Rose Downing went to the pound to pick up their pets and quickly spotted Chloe, but their beloved boxer was nowhere to be found.

That's when a worker told them Spaz had been euthanized after being mixed up with another dog.

"He wasn't even in there a whole day, at the most 16 hours," Rose Downing said.

It appears there was some kind of mix-up with the dog's microchip.

"There were a bunch of erros that all kind of converged together to make this happen," said April Hollis with Animal Care & Control.

The pound offered the Downings another dog, which they accepted, even though no one can replace Spaz.