Getting scholarship money for a military wife

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PHOENIX - When a Valley university advertised aggressive scholarship opportunities for military spouses, the wife of an active duty marine wanted to take them up on that offer.

But more than 7 months later, she says she was getting the run-around.

Latisha Henry's husband, Jerome just recently finished his second tour in Iraq

“It was hard,” she said. “I didn't get to talk to him; I didn't get to see him.”

It's been tough, but Latisha is a determined young woman and part of that determination has to do with going to college.

So when she saw an advertisement about a new military scholarship at Grand Canyon University, she was thrilled. It said Grand Canyon offers one of the most aggressive military discounts available to spouses.

“As long as you're a spouse or active duty member of the military that’s all you need no other set criteria,” she said.

Latisha wants to become a nurse and since Grand Canyon has a well regarded nursing program it seemed perfect. She enrolled at the beginning of the year and right away submitted the necessary paper work for the military scholarship.

Months went by and still nothing.

By phone and e-mail she tried sorting it out with the financial aid office.

In April a financial counselor wrote, "the military is checking on whether or not they can apply the active duty scholarship."

In May another email saying "we are still attempting to get you approved for the military discount."

By August Latisha was barely able to make ends meet she began to wonder if that scholarship offer was legitimate.

“I don't even have my books, I'm just hoping for the best,” she said. “Hoping to get through this semester.”

Seven months later Latisha says she finally got an answer, but it wasn't the answer she'd been hoping for.

She was told that the military scholarship at Grand Canyon only applied to on-line students and so, she didn't qualify.

“It just seems like the run around, seems like it was for nothing,” she said.

That's when Latisha turned to 3 On Your Side.

We contacted Grand Canyon and while no one was available to talk to us on camera, they immediately began to investigate.

A representative told 3 On Your Side "as it turns out, this student is possibly eligible for a benefit that provides $6,000, she might also be eligible for the post 911 GI Bill which includes a housing allowance and books and also she qualifies for a GCU's Native American Scholarship."

This is not the only bit of good news for Latisha.

Her husband, Jerome is now safely back from Iraq. And while he hopes to join his fellow marines in Afghanistan for now, this young family has some time to be together.

So why did it take so long to figure this out?  Grand Canyon University said it has a separate division for military scholarships. The financial aid advisors Latisha was working with apparently didn't know. Hopefully now we have it all hashed out and Latisha is on her way to getting her nursing degree.

For more information on the military scholarship you can e-mail, or call

toll free: 1-866-595-7681,  local: 602-639-6973.