New mortgage company comes through for Glendale woman

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

GLENDALE -- I have a follow-up to a Valley teacher who says her mortgage company sent her a check and the check bounced.

The mortgage company is called Taylor, Bean and Whitaker and when they went bankrupt recently, a lot of homeowners had problems, homeowners like Ariane Pettit.

But things sure have turned around for Pettit.

When you saw her last week on 3 On Your Side, she was upset with her mortgage company, Taylor, Bean and Whitaker.

"I guess I put too much money into my escrow account when I bought the house so they were refunding that money," she said.

As a result, Taylor, Bean and Whitaker sent Pettit an escrow surplus check for $400. But days after depositing it, Taylor, Bean and Whitaker went bankrupt and the check they sent Pettit bounced like a rubber ball, sending her bank account into the red.

"I went online to review my bank account and I noticed my savings account was in the negative," Pettit said.

So, 3 On Your Side got involved and I discovered that Pettit's mortgage with the now defunct Taylor, Bean and Whitaker had been transferred to Bank of America.

After investigating the matter at my request, Bank of America overnighted Pettit a new $400 check.

"I raced home from work and put it in my bank and waited for it to clear so I knew that it was actually real," she said.

It was real all right and with that money, Pettit's account is back in the black. It's something she says it would have taken her months to rectify, but it took 3 On Your Side just a few days.

"Big sigh of relief, I'm very excited to have the money," she said.

A big thank you to Bank of America for jumping on this one for me. As soon as I asked them to look into the matter they did and got that check out in just a few days.