Decorating Tricks of the Trade

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If you look at homes that have been decorated by interior designers, one thing you might notice is the way they beautifully pair prints with other prints – especially floral with stripes and other patterns.

As I try to freshen my home for fall without spending too much money, I wanted to find some key tips to share that will have you combining patterns like a pro.

Decorating tricks of the trade

Florals with Stripes
Do:  Pair smaller, thinner stripes with a larger floral pattern.  Large scale stripes can handle a smaller print.
Watch Out:  Avoid tight, narrow stripes with a busy, small floral.

Florals and Dots
Do:  Use dots as a fun way to add fun to a floral.  Pull out two of the colors in the floral pattern and team it with a smaller dot pattern.
Watch Out: Keep in mind that the larger the dot, the more whimsical the feel.  Also, large bright dots tend to look a bit juvenile.

Florals with Other Florals
This one is a little tricky but done well can really look professional. 
Do: Be sure to keep colors and tones the same.  Mix similar styles of dissimilar sizes.  It should almost look like you enlarged a part of the smaller pattern to get the large.
Watch Out:  Pairing similarly scaled floral patterns can lack the necessary contrast and confuse the eye.

Florals with Other Solids
Do:  Select a bold accent color from the floral as its solid counterpart.  If you want a less bold effect use the floral’s background as the accent color.
Watch Out:  Don’t restrict your choices to one color, go with two colors from the floral pattern.

Some added decorating tips:
Place contrasting patterns on opposite sides of a pillow for double impact.
For a easily movable touch of color, prop floral pillows on a solid colored sofa.
Trim floral-patterned draperies with striped or solid backing or banding.