Fab Fitness Exercise Tips

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So, what is your excuse when it comes to not exercising?  I have used them all myself from being too busy with kids to overpriced gym fees.  Some of these obstacles are real issues like no longer being able to afford a gym membership, while others can be quickly resolved with a few little tricks.  I recently had to stop seeing my beloved personal trainer due to finances.  I had to figure out what I could do to keep my body moving even though my budget was moving in slow motion.  And for other issues like fitness boredom or unflattering workout wear, read on because I think I may have found some solutions that will get you moving and motivated!

Exercise Excuse #1:  Can't Afford Gym Fees
I have found a fantastic fitness plan that you can do at home and it is free! You can sweat at no cost with cable television workouts and not be at the mercy of a channel schedule either.  I use Cox Cable's On Demand option.  Where I live, On Demand is channel 1. Under the menu, simply select FreeZone.  Then choose Health & Fitness and from there you will find a ton of different fitness classes like a 60 minute kickboxing workout or before bed yoga plus many others.  Just about every kind of exercise program is offered for free and can be selected any time of the day or night.  No more excuses skipping the health club because the huge variety of fitness options turns your home into a free gym.  

Exercise Excuse #2:  Can't Fit a Workout into My Schedule
Believe me; I used to think the same thing until I met my trainer.  She showed me that I could accomplish a lot in 30 minute sessions.  And because I only had half an hour to get my body moving, it was easier to stay motivated because the workout flew by.  And for those of you that can't find 30 minutes, I recommend a great DVD series called 10 Minute Solution Pilates Perfect Body.  Now I don't agree with the perfect body part of the DVD title because you truly have to eat right AND exercise to get a good figure.  However, I found that this program did challenge me.  Plus I discovered that after I finished the first 10 minute sequence, I magically found 10 more minutes to do the next quick section on the DVD.  So if you are pressed for time or need to do your exercising in baby steps, give this one a try.  I found mine at Target.

Exercise Excuse #3:  Self-Conscious in Workout Wear
I have felt this one, too, but once I found a good fitness piece, I was more motivated to get going.  Nike has the most flattering fitness pants that I have seen. My trainer told me about these pants and I love mine.  They are called Nike Dri Fit Be Strong Polyester Women's Training Pants and this pair is made to flatter. The $60 price tag is justified because I have worn these repeatedly for over two years and they are still strong like the label says.  Built with a wide waistband and a slight flare at the bottom, this pant covers a muffin top while lengthen the leg to give a comfortable, slim and supportive look.  And they are nice to move around in as well.  I also like Nike's line of yoga, training and running wear for women.

My favorite tank top comes from Eddie Bauer because the material is not too thin or too thick and it has a comfortable built-in bra.  I also like their selection of printed tanks like this organic cotton cami. The spandex material adds stretch and shape retention. A built-in shelf bra provides support.  And if you are looking for some pre and post workout cover, check out this flattering organic cotton/bamboo knit active wrap that sells at  for only $39.50.

Exercise Excuse #4:  Bored & Tired of the Same Ol' Workout
My advice here is to mix it up to live it up.  Who says that you have to stick the same routine every day?  In fact, try shooting hoops with your kid and watch how your teen opens up with every basket thrown.  Then take that same basketball and each time you throw it back and forth with your child, catch it in a squat.  You can also use the ball for ab work by sitting up with your legs slightly elevated.  Then hold the ball in front of you and twist the ball side to side, touching the ball to the floor each time. 

Or do a dance video with your daughter.  Great for your body and for your bonding.  And my current favorite fun ab exercise is this funky toy called the Flying Turtle.  If you are less than 150 lbs. you can ride it and the twisting action required to steer is also an abs exercise.  Be a kid again with your children and you will find that is a fun way to burn calories!  We bought our Flying Turtle at Brilliant Sky Toy store located at 4929 E Chandler Blvd. in Ahwatukee.

Exercise Excuse #5:  No Time to Go From Sweaty to Sexy
Of course, I have somebody beauty tips when it comes to making a quick switch from sweaty to sexy!  First of all, wear a headband if you don't want the dent in your hair that a rubber band leaves.  Nike has a stylish one that not only keeps the hair out of your face, but is made out of a dri-fit fabric that wicks away sweat to keep your hairline dry.  This has saved my hair style on days when I need to sneak in a quick workout and then head out the door to an appointment.  It works! 

And for a quick multi-tasking post-workout fresh face, I like Olay Definity Color Recapture because it has three products in one.  Moisturizer plus anti-aging ingredients combined with foundation gets my face out the door quicker.  This three-in-one product also evens skin tone while covering blemishes.  Then just add a little bit of blush all over, mascara and a pink lip stick and you're done.  Plus the endorphins and sweat that you feel during the workout leave you with a natural glow!

To top it all off, simply switch your sneakers to a stylish pair of flip flops.  Then put your hair in a pretty pony tail and add accessories like jewelry.  You have now turned your workout wear into stylish casual wear.  Thank goodness bling track suits are still trendy.

So whatever your exercise excuse is, kick it and get kicking with a fitness plan that will make you feel fabulous.  Wishing you some soulful sweating and wonderful workouts this fall!