New law with guns in bars goes into effect this week

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX - Guns in restaurants and bars is about to become a reality in Arizona after a 5-year battle.
Chuy's in Phoenix is one place that will allow customers to carry guns but most of the restaurant owners 3TV talked to oppose the new law and are hanging signs in their windows.
Chris Osborn, with Cadillac Ranch, says, "Almost everyone I’ve talked to is sick to their stomachs." He and other restaurant owners have been fighting the guns-in-restaurants law for years. Osborn says, "Everyone's got a lot of fear that people are going to die under stupid circumstances."
He says all of the bars at Tempe Marketplace have put up "No-guns-allowed' signs. Allowing restaurant owners to choose whether to permit guns was part of a compromise that helped the bill pass this year. Osborn says, "It takes the heat off our back, but still that could create a very dangerous situation."
But at Chuy's restaurants, Manager Steve Burris says, "I think it just helps protect our community." He says criminals would not pay attention to a "No-guns-allowed' sign even if he did put it up and adds that gun owners he knows are responsible. "People who are responsible citizens are not going to misuse the law."
One other important part of the new law is if you are drinking alcohol you are not allowed to carry a gun. The law goes into effect on Wednesday.