Warranty company won't repair broken air conditioner

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PHOENIX -- When a Valley woman's air conditioner broke, she didn't worry too much because she had a home warranty. But the warranty company won't fix the AC.

They say they don't have to fix it.

Melissa Hammon says she pays Nationwide Warranty approximately $40 a month for that warranty. But the company says the contract she signed clearly spells out why they don't have to fix this latest problem with her air conditioner.

Hammon is relying on fans. She has kitchen fans, ceiling fans, just about everywhere you look she has a fan and the fans have been going nonstop for a month.

"That's when I said to my husband, 'Something's not right, something is wrong with the AC,'" Hammon said.

So, Hammon called Nationwide Warranty and they sent a contractor out to inspect her air conditioner. Sure enough, it was broken, but luckily it was repaired under her home warranty plan.

"It was working and we were like, yea, we're cool again," she said.

But days later the AC went out again.

Hammon says a second inspection indicated the unit needed a new compressor, but she says Nationwide Warranty didn't want to fix the $1,200 repair.

She says she battled with Nationwide Warranty for weeks then contacted 3 On Your Side.

"I told them I was calling you," Hammon said. "I'm calling 3 On Your Side and you'll be hearing from them."

As a result, Hammon says Nationwide Warranty offered $600 to pay for half the repair.

But then Nationwide Warranty tells 3 On Your Side it's considering not even covering that amount, claiming they discovered the unit has had previous repairs.

And according to Hammon's contract, previous repairs exempt Nationwide Warranty from having to fix anything.
"I'm really upset because I would like to know who in Arizona who has an air conditioner for say 10 years hasn't had a repair of some kind on their unit?" Hammon said.

Nationwide Warranty tells 3 On Your Side they should have answer for us tomorrow on whether they'll repair that AC.

Whatever their answer is, I'll have a follow-up and let you know.