Teen mom sentenced after baby drowns in bathtub

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PHOENIX (AP) - An Avondale teenager was sentenced Friday to seven years probation for leaving her baby unattended in a bathtub where he drowned.
Prosecutors say 17-year-old Forrest Day pleaded guilty in July to child abuse under a plea agreement.
Day's 8-month-old son, Elijah James, died in February.
Police investigators say Day had put the baby in the bathtub, turned on the water with the drain unplugged and left the room.
Day told police she was looking for a towel but got sidetracked with poems she was writing.
Police say Day's 9-year-old brother pulled the baby out of the water and yelled for her, she attempted CPR and then took the baby next door where a neighbor called police and administered CPR.
The baby was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, where he was pronounced dead.