And the Coaching Emmy goes to...

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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

I was just like the rest of us over the summer and into August, and it’s okay to admit it, I was suckered into believing that Nick Foles was just window dressing to make the preseason quarterback battle a little more exciting for the media and the fan base.  I kept thinking to myself, wow, this really is a one shot wonder for Nick Foles.  He’s transferred from all over creation and if he doesn’t win this job he’ll be forced to transfer yet again to someway somehow at least get on the field.   Well, he’s about to get on the field and in a strange twist of fate perhaps make the other guy the one shot wonder.

I mean think about it, Matt Scott was the one who took late game snaps during blowouts last season to get invaluable, so we thought, game experience knowing that Willie Tuitama was a senior quarterback.  Well for whatever reason, and come up with your own, Matt Scott has played his way out of the starting job for the time being.  I had one offensive coach tell me last season inside McKale Center during a men’s basketball game that he was all about Nick Foles from the moment he saw him in spring ball.  But the same coach told me a few minutes later in that same conversation that Scott appeared to have more athleticism as work outs rolled closer and closer to the spring game.

The coaching staff should have been nominated for an Emmy the way they deflected questions about who was gonna get the starting quarterback nod, and the truth be told, it really wasn’t given to Matt Scott to open the season.  It was the ole “Scott will start, but Foles will play” line.  That suggested that Mike Stoops wanted Scott to be “the guy”, but wasn’t comfortable to outright label Matt Scott that guy.  It seems like to me that Scott got all the rope in the world to succeed through the first three games of the season, and just hasn’t been able to do so.  Coach Stoops went as far Saturday afternoon after the loss to Iowa to say that if this team is going to win with “Matt’s legs,” then they were going to have to get more creative with the offensive play calling.  That appears to have lasted through the plane flight home and film breakdown later that night as Foles was named the starter at the beginning of this week.

Nick Foles is essentially journeyman-like at this point of his college career.   There couldn’t be a more crucial time in his signal calling career, especially for a player that people suggest has talent for the next level.  Maybe Matt Scott crumbled at the thought of Foles constantly being right on his heels; which happens sometimes in sports.  Nick Foles appears to be a very humble standup young man who does everything the right way.  So the question is simply this, will he step up and take what can be his, or will he be the next best future quarterback at BYU? 

Mike Stoops says the Oregon State game plan will call for Matt Scott to take some first half snaps.  May I remind you the game plan was for Nick Foles to take some offensive snaps against Central Michigan a couple of weeks back, didn’t happen.  I think if Nick Foles runs with his chance and makes the Arizona offense look like world beaters, then there’s not  chance that Matt Scott will even touch the field on Saturday. 

I’m curious to see how the coaching staff reacts if Nick Foles makes an early game crucial mistake.   In my mind the worst mistake they could make is removing Nick from the game.  Like I said, this is an interesting week, a crucial time for the choice the program makes.  Somebody is not gonna stay at Arizona after this season, and the person who stays just might be the one we were all convinced was gonna leave.  Hmmmm?  Bear Down Arizona!