Mortgage company's escrow checks are bouncing

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

GLENDALE -- A Glendale woman says her mortgage company owes her $400 and she can't get one nickel of it. So, she contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

Her mortgage company actually did pay her the $400, but the check she got bounced and now she can't get them to give her another check.

Ariane Pettit loves her Glendale home. It's the first house this school teacher has ever bought and she purchased it just one year ago.

"It was scary, but I wanted to get something I would be in for a long, long time," she said.

Pettit financed her home through a mortgage company called Taylor, Bean and Whitaker and last month the company mailed her some paperwork that contained some really good news.

"I guess I put too much money into my escrow account when I bought the house, so they were refunding that money," Pettit said.

As a result, Taylor, Bean and Whitaker mailed Pettit a check for just over $400, money that Pettit put into her bank account.

"I was excited to get an extra $400 that I didn't know was mine," she said.

But that check from Taylor, Bean and Whitaker bounced like a rubber ball, sending Pettit's bank account into a frenzy.

"I went online to review my bank account and I noticed my savings account was in the negative," she said.

According to Web sites like, Pettit isn't the only one. People from around the nation are complaining that escrow checks from Taylor, Bean and Whitaker are no good.

It turns out the company went bankrupt and, in the process, homeowners like Pettit are caught in the crossfire.

So, Pettit wrote to 3 On Your Side.

3 On Your Side has discovered Pettit's account has been transferred to a new mortgage company and I'm currently working with that company to see where her $400 is located and, more importantly, when they will issue another check.

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