Couple cakeless on the happiest day of their lives

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PHOENIX - Jason and Danielle Ogle just recently celebrated one of the happiest days of their lives.

"I just got married!"

They say the location was beautiful, the weather was perfect, everything seemed to be running smoothly. Until that is, they discovered a problem.

"About midway through the ceremony we realized that our cake didn't show up" Jason said.

"We ate and then we had the first dance and then we had the father daughter dance and then we threw the bouquet and the garter and then it was time to cut the cake and okay there's no cake!" Danielle said.

 Needless to say Danielle was upset.

"I've never heard of anyone not having a cake in their ceremony," she said.

Desperate, they knew they had to do something, so guests ran to Costco and bought a sheet cake.

It was a last minute wedding snag that really made them angry. Especially since they ordered and paid for the cake, the cake the baker failed to deliver.

"We put in $200 dollars and we got nothing," she said.

So exactly what happened to that $200 cake?

Well, it was ordered months ago from a business called Outrageous Cakes, but when 3 On Your Side went to the business address listed on the contract, we discovered it was simply a mail slot inside this ups office.

So, we went to a Sun City home where the owner of Outrageous Cakes lives.

Her name is Vickie James and she's the owner of Outrageous Cakes.

She told 3 On Your Side that health problems kept her from making and delivering the couple’s wedding cake.

But what about the $200 in cash she was paid? After all, Vicki James signed a contract and even indicated she was paid in full. What about that money?

James told 3 On Your Side she will give the couple their money back.

Jason and Danielle say it took 3 On Your Side to show up on her door step three weeks after their wedding to finally get answers.

In the meantime, 3 On Your Side will let you know if they get their $200 as promised.