Sun City couple find themselves in telephone refund confusion

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SUN CITY - A Sun City couple says the phone company owes them some money but they're having trouble getting it.

It’s not a huge dollar amount, in fact, it's just $35, but $35 can put gas in your car or maybe food on your table.

Pauline Henley says she and her husband try to stretch their money as much as they can.

"We pay electric, plus rental and for food of course," Henley said.

So when they moved into their apartment, Pauline says she decided to disconnect her home phone that she had through AT&T. Although she had cancelled her service she says AT&T still withdrew another $35 monthly payment from her bank account.

"We didn't receive service during that month so they owed us that refund," Henley said.

Henley says she tried to call AT&T to get her money back. After all $35 sure could come in handy.

"Every time we call they say they will send it and they don't," Henley said.

Henley says AT&T acknowledged they owed her that $35 refund but she says she just couldn't seem to get it in her hands so she contacted 3 On Your Side.

"They said oh a check had been mailed and I said well we didn't receive it," she said.

3 On Your Side contacted AT&T which immediately looked into the issue. They discovered that they did in fact mail out that check to the Henley’s. In fact, a copy of the check shows that the couple cashed it. Pauline and her husband say they feel a little embarrassed for not remembering they received the check and are still glad 3 On Your Side was able get answers for them.

"I'm just sorry that I caused that much trouble for people, at least it's settled now and I feel confident that it's been taken care of," Henley said.