Couple faces $1,500 in hospital bills they thought were covered

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SURPRISE -- A Surprise couple say they are being forced to pay some $1,500 for something that should have been covered by their insurance company.

In-network and out-of-network are two terms everyone should learn and Ted and Kim Slater already knew the difference. That's why they went to great lengths to make sure they wouldn't have any problems.

But in the end they had problems anyway.

Kim remembers when she was pregnant with her little boy, Logan.

“I said we're in trouble when he comes out because he never stops moving,” she said.

But now that Logan is here, Kim and her husband are trying to deal with the hospital bills that came with Logan, hospital bills they say should have been taken care of by their insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield.

“We think we have it cleared up and then we get another bill again saying if we don't pay up we'll go to collections,” she said. “It's very frustrating."

The problem was even though Kim and Ted's hospital is considered in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, one of the doctors who assisted in Kim's scheduled c-section was out of network, meaning instead of being out of pocket nothing, Ted and Kim have to pay that doctor $1,500.

So, Kim and Ted contacted 3 On Your Side.

"I've seen your reports on TV and I see the results you can get," Ted said.

3 On Your Side got in touch with Blue Cross Blue Shield and they contacted the out-of-network physician who was demanding $1,500 from Ted and Kim.

As a result, that physician decided to waive the $1,500 bill, money Ted and Kim say they shouldn't have had to pay to begin with since they did everything they could to make sure Logan's birth was handled in-network.

"We just tried over and over again and Channel 3 really helped us out,” Ted said.

“We had to go back and forth back and forth and it's been going on nine months and you guys got it done in a week,” Kim said. “It's nice to know you're watching out for us."

Blue Cross Blue Shield really took control of the issue when 3 On Your Side got involved and they were helpful in getting this resolved.

3 On Your Side recommends when you show up at an in-network hospital or in this case a scheduled c-section, experts say there will always be a risk that someone might be considered out of network and there is little you can do to prevent it.