No charges filed against SUV driver who ran over baby in stroller

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Fatal wreck

A 6-month-old baby boy was killed in a wreck outside a central Phoenix daycare center Wednesday morning.

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PHOENIX -- Nearly 100 people turned out for a memorial for the 6-month-old baby boy who was run over and killed while sitting in his stroller, his mother helpless to save him.

It happened Wednesday morning outside Westwind Preparatory Academy on Northern Avenue near 19th Avenue.

According to Capt. Hugh Chase of the Phoenix Fire Department, Clayda Lozoya was walking on the sidewalk with her 4-year-old son beside her and her 6-month-old son, Roman Mata, in a stroller.

"The mother saw that an SUV was pulling out of this parking lot, crossing the sidewalk, getting ready to get into the road," Chase said. "It's heavy rush-hour traffic, and everybody is usually more concerned about the traffic and how they're going to get in and out of that traffic."

That SUV driven by Leticia Macias, 41, hit the stroller, pulling it underneath. There was nothing Roman's mother or rescue crews could do. Roman died on the scene.

Lozoya was able to keep the 4-year-old from being hit, but she's couldn't save her baby.

"I was banging and slapping her truck, yelling at her, and she kept looking the other way" Lozoya said.

Last night, family, friends and even strangers gathered to remember Roman.

The driver is cooperating with police. At this point, she's not facing any charges.

An account has been set up to raise funds: The account is under Roman's dad's name: Anthony Mada at Wells Fargo. There will also be a car wash to help with funeral expenses on Friday at 9 a.m. at 35th Avenue and Bell.